Daybreakers, or the vampire in all of us

I saw Daybreakers last night. I’d read it’s supposed to be a metaphor for Big Pharm, Big Agriculture, and/or Big Oil, depending on how you look at it. But the movie is about hunger more than anything else, and not even metaphorically, but actually.

The vampire-ruled world is running out of humans, and therefore the human blood they need to survive (Big Oil, Big Ag). The vampire rulers, headed by an always delicious Sam Neill, are desperately searching for a blood substitute (Big Pharm). When vampires don’t eat, they turn into completely inhuman monsters, bald, winged, super strong, terrifying, disgusting, and deadly, to the general vampire population.

Poor things are just hungry.

While I say that jokingly, the movie really does paint them in a sympathetic light, maybe even more sympathetic than the Fightin’ Humans. When the government rounds up some of these creatures and soldiers are dragging them into the light of day to kill them, the scene is played as a tragedy with soaring music, and one of the characters looking on as if to say “This is not right!” Some of the poor beasts are wearing nice suits and jewelry for crying out loud. These were once decent law abiding vampires! Nearby witnesses look on with fear, showing the first signs of turning, knowing they could be next. It could happen to any vampire, poor or rich, because the supply (Oil, Ag) is running out and no amount of money will get it for you.

Vampires are all about an overpowering hunger. Hunger is physically painful and debilitating for them (and us?). Even if they love torturing humans for fun, they’d never kill a human without feeding (as Bill the Vampire so sexily explained in a season one-episode of True Blood).  Any evil they do is always in pursuit of a good meal.  They’re really my kind of people.


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