“the choice scenario”

In my previous post I wrote:

“Some could argue that there’s no choice in peeing or shitting, while eating involves myriad choices and it’s up to the individual to make the “right” choices. Don’t get me wrong, I get the idea of being “addicted” to certain foods, like say Cheetos. Not good.”

A commenter responded that “You are correct in the choice scenario of eating. Education and information at the earliest of ages may be a deterrent.”

This is a bad idea. Let me tell you why. In the current environment, education and information at the earliest of ages would create a generation of people who are unable to evaluate how their own bodies feel and make choices for themselves. That was kind of the point of the previous post, which I clearly didn’t present well.

We are already brainwashing people into ignoring their own bodies, thinking that if they’re hungry between meals there’s something wrong with them. I was reading about a doctor who encouraged his adult patients to deny their children food if they wanted to eat between meals, even if the child said she was hungry. He suggested they tell them they’re not really hungry, that they just think they are. This is insane. Again, if your child tells you she has to go potty, would you question her motives?

Another way that education and information at the earliest of ages about the choice scenario is a really bad idea is that the current nutritional advice is just wrong for millions of people, and because Americans are prone to puritanism, any deviation for that “advice” would open up fat people to all kinds of persecution. Yeah. I’m using the word “persecution”.  In my post, I chose Cheetos as an obvious “bad” choice for constant eating, forgetting that the fat nazis assume that all fat people sit around all day not moving a muscle, eating nothing but Cheetos and potato chips and drinking liters of full corn syrup soda. It’s their own fault, blah blah blah. I’m sure some people do eat that way, but millions of fat people do not.

But my real problem with “the choice scenario” in this case is that some of the “healthy” foods we fat people are constantly told to eat, like fruits, lots of whole grains, and low fat, are really unhealthy for a lot of people. If not for the majority of American’s then certainly a significant minority.

The other night I started watching the new Good Eats episode when Alton Brown explains what he did to lose 50 lbs. I’d heard that he’d cut out sweets, even cutting out milk because it goes so well with sweets. However, the first recipe of the show was a fruit smoothie. I pretty much stopped watching after that.

Here’s what fruit smoothies do for me (and just to be clear these are all fruit, no fat, etc): I drink them, feel bloated, then an hour and a half later I’m hungry again, and not a normal hungry, but really like “OMG! I’m starving” hungry. That’s what a lot of fruit does for me, it makes me bloated and/or hungry. I love fruit, love bananas, mango, pears. And sometimes I eat them anyway, but it’s just physically unsatisfying.

However because the diet nazis are so stringent they’re constantly telling fat people what to eat. Fruit is good for you! And because fat people have come to believe that they’re just awful human beings who are insane (why am I hungry if I just ate? how could I have let myself go like this?) and can’t make decisions for themselves, they try to eat whatever they’re told to eat and when they feel hungry they try to ignore it.

But ignoring your hunger is like ignoring the urge to pee or shit. You can only ignore it for so long before things get really messy.


January 7, 2010. Tags: , , . diet.

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