Fat Articles

Fat is the subject of the hour.  There are so many things to link to and others do a better job, because they’re deep in the folds of the obesity argument. But I want to capture these even just for myself and have reference points when the urge to diet and exercise excessively come up.

At The Atlantic Megan McArdle starts an epic battle (in blogging) with the obesity panic and what to do about it. It starts here. Old but found this link to an NPR story, Top 10 Reasons Why the BMI Is Bogus, at The Rotund.

Also at the Rotund, The Limbo, does a good job of talking about period between souring on dieting and truly being accepting being fat. I touched a little on some of these issues in my other blog, but not in terms of fat.  I’m going more in depth on this in another post because it’s so fraking important.


August 5, 2009. Uncategorized.

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