It hasn’t even been 24 hours and already my stomach isn’t bloated up at the top of my chest. It’s still fat, but not bloated.

I went back to scrambling eggs in a little cast iron skillet. They taste even better!


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Here I go again

I want to avoid this. Really I do. I want to be all “hey I’m confident in my body right now as is.” But I’m not. I’m really not.So here I go again, because I don’t really feel that well.

I’m getting headaches again, waking up with them. My knees are suddenly killing me. I’m tired all the time. I feel heavy, like I’m just dragging myself around. And my skin, my skin is not flawless. So. The dreaded D word. I refuse to call it a “lifestyle”. First of all I hate the word “lifestyle” and second, it’s not a lifestyle. A lifestyle is living on the beach and surfing every morning, or a farm and taking care of your animals. This is a diet, plain and simple.

I’m all over the fatosphere, reading the fat positive blogs, so I know that diets don’t work, if by “work” you mean solely that you lose weight “permanently”, then no diets don’t work. But what if by work I mean other things like, having flawless skin, no headaches, no bloating or stomach pain, and no uncontrollable farting. No uncontrollable farting is a goal to work toward.

So this whole situation doubly sucks. Because now I have to give up all the foods I truly truly love, and I’m not even going to fucking be skinny.  What’s the point?!?  See above.

I love sugar, I love bread, I love jams and jellies and crepes. It’s not fair, it’s not right. What am I suppose to do for fun and pleasure now? Pooh was right, Pooh was right.

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They’re trying to kill us

The current dietary “conventional wisdom” is going to be the (pre-mature) death of us all.

Public Policy That Makes Test Subjects of Us All explains what’s been going on for years.  Someone finds a study that suggests something and then they stick it in all the food and if you can avoid that they stick it in the water.

In the past year, researchers led by Salvatore Paterna of the University of Palermo have reported one of the most rigorous experiments so far: a randomized clinical trial of heart patients who were put on different diets. Those on a low-sodium diet were more likely to be rehospitalized and to die, results that prompted the researchers to ask, “Is sodium an old enemy or a new friend?”

They act as if substances act in isolation in the body. It’s all connected. If you lower one thing you’re going to raise something else. And vice versa. They’re the scientists. Why don’t they know this?

Plus, lowering salt in foods is pretty silly.  It’s not like the trans fat ban. Restaurants will just make sure they have plenty of salt shakers on every table. We’ll probably end up eating more salt. Maybe we would be healthier!

And once more  Gary Taubes is all over it!

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Can’t I be just a little attractive?

I read this article, When Medicine Makes You Fat, in the New York Times.

Is it me? Or is there absolutely no consideration that it’s possible to be attractive and fat?  And she was really upset to be a size 8? Really?

I’m not saying she has no right to complain about side effects. I’ve been on enough medications to know that they are real and sometimes as bad as the disease itself. What I am saying is that a young woman who assumes that if she gains weight she should hole up in her apartment because her life is over. What?!?

She may be “more than her disease” but she certainly doesn’t think she’s not more than her waistline.

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