poor obese children not eating enough

It’s true. More and more studies are going to come out like this one. Best quote:

Missing from the children’s diets were four key nutrients: calcium, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus. All play important roles, but magnesium is involved in more than 300 enzymatic reactions in the body that help to spur metabolism and cell function.

When magnesium — found in cooked spinach, black beans, bran cereal and other foods — is missing from the diet, it can predispose an individual to diabetes, Trevino said.

Calories in, calories out is bullshit.  Of course nutritionists who know nothing about physics are going to read this and say something idiotic like “1400 calories a day is way too much for a 9 year old.”  It’s not the quantity of the calories, as much as the quality. Good Calories, Bad Calories.

These are poor kids who were weaned on corn chips and soda, after being fed formula with high fructose corn syrup as infants.  This effects these kids on every level. How do you think this affects their work at school and their ability to learn. Now do you see why school breakfast and lunch programs are important? But of course they’re only fat because they make bad choices and are lazy. Give me a fraking break. Oh and let’s also add that they’re probably black or Hispanic to boot, and then let all the stereotypes rip. Jesus this pisses me off.


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