coming back

I haven’t posted in a while, because… well because.

I was inspired to write just to spread the word about this great post on the Fatshionista site: Fatness & Uplift.

The writer hits all the key points about the so-called fat acceptance of the black community. Another point is that much of it (and the ‘it’ is much more narrow than people assume) is dependent on class: the more education and money you have, the less acceptable it is.

One thing she did not touch on is the number of non-married black women. Is it a coincidence that so many black women are over weight and so many never marry?

Maybe that’s stretching it a bit but I can’t help but think how the stereotypes of the fat black, asexual mammy and Jezebel, the black woman always ready for sex, have conflated and become the lonely, horny, fat black woman who’s desperate for sex and a man but can’t get either.

How many Eddie Murphy or oh-dear-god Martin Lawrence movies are based on that premise? It’s a stereotype produced not by whites but by black men. Where is the fat acceptance in that?

Now I’m just depressing myself…


August 7, 2008. Tags: . fat acceptance.

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