I haven’t been writing here because:

  1. I haven’t been losing weight
  2. I’d been extremely busy at work, and
  3. I just came back from a much-deserved vacation in Mexico where I was on a Las Olas Surf Safari!!

The Surf Safari is something I’d wanted to do for three years. Yes, 36 months. I finally stopped weighting in October when I signed up to go so I could be there the week of my 42nd birthday.
I ate whatever I wanted. The food was good and fresh and the shrimp became a habit. The first couple of nights the bread/tortillas didn’t agree with me, but after a while nothing bothered me. I didn’t eat anything sweet for days into it; I didn’t even put syrup on the pancakes at Rollie’s! I was outside all the time, even when I was in my ‘room’ which had a terrace almost as large as my apartment with an outdoor kitchen.

And there was of course surfing!! Paddling out, popping up and falling back in, just to do it all again. It was my dream vacation.  While I did cease weighting long enough to register, weight rarely left me while there.  I noticed immediately on arrival that I was the fattest women there. And, the old I-would-be-so-much-better-at-this-if-i were-smaller stayed with me much of the time.  Getting my leg up far enough is even more difficult on water than it is on my yoga mat.

The day after getting back I weighed myself. 183. About the same as it’s been for the last month. The idea of going back to my low carb/high fat diet seemed limiting. But I know what’s best for my body now and I can’t ignore it. Sometimes I wish I could.


February 29, 2008. diet, goals, surfing, vacation.

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